We are a group of atheists, agnostics, skeptics, and humanists that meet at least once a month here in the beautiful mountain town of Durango, CO.

Our group strives to develop and support the atheist/agnostic/skeptic/humanist community in the Four Corners region by providing opportunities to socialize and develop friendships with like-minded people. Additionally, we work to:

  • Promote and defend secularism and the first amendment principle of church-state separation.
  • End discrimination against non-theists through positive communication, outreach and education.
  • Promote the use and application of critical thinking as a tool against pseudoscience in our culture.
  • Provide a sense of community for those seeking friendship within a non-religious context.

Our meetings are held in a casual, open atmosphere for anyone who champions the power of science to improve our lives and the power of reason to improve our minds. We currently meet every third Wednesday of the month in the downstairs lounge of the Irish Embassy. Find us on Meetup here.

Those who are just plain curious are also welcome but, please, no proselytizing. We gladly accept people who celebrate an exchange of ideas and are open to different points of views.  If , however, you’ve come to debate for or defend your religion, we ask that you save both us and yourself the time.

We look forward to meeting you!