By bad language, what I really mean is that they don’t seem to know what they are saying.  Rick Santorum claims that Obama is waging a “war on religion”.  Not only is this a poor use of the word “war” but it should not be seen as a case of the government being against religion…it’s far more of a matter of religion being against government.  This claim of course was brought about by proposals for rules stating that religious institutions that receive federal money must follow certain federal rules regarding discrimination, healthcare benefits, etc.

The whiny emanations from the religious right make me think of a whiny teenager who bemoans the fact that his parents make rules regarding the use of the car that they just bought for him.  In this analogy, I don’t know why we don’t just take the car away altogether.  But then Santorum’s religion wouldn’t get to go hang out with all the cool religions who have cool governments who give them money and don’t, like, totally breathe down their necks all the time.  Oh my gosh.  Okay, that sounds more like a teenage girl, but you get the idea.

The real semantics tragedy here is that if Santorum calls this “war”, then any further curtailment of religious privilege takes place in the future, there aren’t too many strong words left for him to use.  If Obama ends Faith-Based Initiatives, is Santorum going to call this “genocide”?  Or how about an adjective before the word war?  Nuclear war on religion?  Nucular war?

Then again, maybe Santorum would prefer these types of wars instead:

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