Anderson Cooper recently featured Reverend Bob Larson and his band of teenage demon slayers on his show. The exorcising team consists of the Reverend’s daughter, 17  year old Brynne, and two sisters (not related to the reverend), 17 year old Tess and 20 year old Savannah. Below is an excerpt from the show in which Brynne describes her first exorcism experience at the age of 13  in a church in Africa.

After watching the clip, I was both fascinated and appalled.  “How is it possible that in the 21 century there are still people who believe in demons??”

Well, after doing a little internet research, I’m not convinced Reverend Larson is a true believer in demonlore. Looks to me like he’s made himself quite a lucrative business from selling the belief of demons (i.e. taking advantage of people’s fears and credulity for his own financial gain).

A quick look on the good reverend’s website reveals a selling house of  books, classes, seminars, speaking engagements and, oh yeah,  exorcisms for those willing to pay. For a mere $15.00 you can buy his book “Demon Proofing Prayers”, which:

 “teaches Believers how to pray against demonic forces and win the war against Satan every day. This book will blow the lid off today’s comfortable Christianity teaching that Christians can’t have demons and that Believers don’t need to break curses. Once you read this book, you’ll want to get as many copies as possible.”

But wait………. There’s more! Do you have frequent and unexplainable headaches? Do your eyes dilate and contract uncontrollably? Well, you might just have a demon living inside you. There’s only one way to know.  Take Larson’s  “Demon Test”. It’s easy!  You can do it online and it only costs $10.00.

And for those of you wanting to learn the tools of the demon exorcism trade,  Larson has  provided the “Bob Larson’s International School of Exorcism”. They don’t tell you how much it costs,  however, but I’m sure it costs. Big.

And I must mention The Cross of Deliverance. Cost: $100.00

Reverend Larson and his cross.

And now it sounds like there’s a Reality Show in the works……greaaaaat.

My biggest concern is for these girls (and, of course, the countless victims) and their brainwash-induced ideas. I really don’t think they are in on Larson’s scam. He’s convinced them they are doing good in the world and helping people, as they describe in the video below:

The sheer ignorance displayed here is deafening. But is it their fault? It’s clear that Rev. Larson is exploiting these girls, one of which is his own daughter.  But that aside for the moment, this is a clear example of religion doing harm. If  you can believe that someone is truly possessed by a demon and you are unable to extract said demon, what is the next step? (And I’m not EVEN going to get started on the fact that this guy was  in Africa at some point, as stated in the video by his daughter Brynne, propagating the ideas of demon possession).

Dear Reverend Larson: The Dark Ages called. They want their ass-backward, repressive ignorance back.

.…….With or without it (religion), you’d have good people doing good things and evil people doing bad things, but for good people to do bad things, it takes religion.” – Steven Weinberg