“Alien Apocalypse 2012”

Well, it was only a matter of time.

Seems some believers  in Mayan End of the World Doomsday predictions  have gone ahead and added a sprinkle of “alien” into the mix.

Apparently, a mountain in Bugarach, France has long been thought by some to be a safehouse for alien visitors. New Agers are now claiming that this location at the mountain will be the only place left standing after the world’s destruction, scheduled for December 21, 2012. On that day, aliens will emerge from the mountain and take only the humans that are already there with them to another world….or something like that:

“For years, Internet users have speculated that the mountain is inhabited by extraterrestrials that will emerge on the December 21, 2012 and take followers with them as human civilization comes to an end.

Since the beginning of the year, over 20,000 people have climbed to the top of the mountain to stake out the site and perform rituals, according to the town’s mayor Jean-Pierre Delord.”

(via HuffingtonPost)

Not convinced?

Well then, check this out, Doubters:  Video documentation of a UFO over Mountain Pic de Bugarach. HA!

(Tip: Fortean Times)

After reading about this alien- mayan end of the world connection, my first thought was, “how are people connecting the mayans with aliens?”

Silly, silly me……..




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