By popular request, here is a preliminary t-shirt design. The designs would be printed on USA-manufactured American Apparel, preshrunk cotton jersey, supplied by CustomInk.com. I have used CustomInk in the past and found their service to be excellent. There were requests for both a ‘Durango Without Dogma’ and a ‘Durango Skeptics & Atheists’ t-shirt, so below I have provided both.

If at least six t-shirts in one design are ordered, then the price for those t-shirts drops to $25. Otherwise, t-shirts would be $30 each. Sizes are unisex and run from S to XL. American Apparel t-shirts are designed to be slim-fitting. (For ideas on how the t-shirt fits people of different builds, check out the CustomInk.com website.)

Critiques and suggestions are appreciated. Also, if you’d buy one of these t-shirts, please comment on this post so we can get an idea of how many we might be able to order.

Thanks everyone!


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