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Secular Radio Interview with Brandi and Emmalee

A BIG thank you to member Bill for addressing the topic of religous oppression of women on his KDUR radio program!

And thanks to members Brandi and Emmalee for participating in the interview portion of the program. You both did a fantastic job! And this was live, so extra kudos to ya!

What a great discussion it was- and the music  by non-religious/secular musicians and clips included were the perfect accent to the interview segments. I loved the music the ladies chose, particularly songs from Pearl Jam, The Beatles and The Flaming Lips! Hard to go wrong there.

If you weren’t able to hear the interview last Sunday, no worries. Here is a link to listen to at your leisure:




Videos for Your Enjoyment


Solar Eclipse – 1, Religion – 0

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  1. Awesome! I listened to the show today, and loved it. Bravo ladies…you spoke welll, made great points, were cordial, and represented atheists and skeptics well.

    We are lucky to have Bill and his influence. Thank you Bill! Please keep it up.


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