Dear Christians

I’ll begin by saying I acknowledge that we are on opposite sides of  the religious debate which most likely disqualifies me from any serious consideration of what I have to say. I get that. But my request really has nothing to do with belief or lack thereof.

Here it is: For the love of your god, PLEASE stop giving public declarations of gratitude to him for the trivial fortunate happenings in your life!

That may seem harsh so please let me explain. We, over here in the USA, have it really, really good. So good, that most of us have forgotten what it means to suffer. As a result, we’ve lost some perspective. It’s not entirely our fault. It’s how we’ve been raised in this land of milk and honey. Most of us cannot even fathom the concept of not having food to eat or water to drink. It’s just not our reality. Lucky us. But here are some things to think about:

  • Over 700 million people world-wide lack access to clean water.
  • 3.41 million people die from water, sanitation and hygiene-related causes each year.
  • Over seven million children under the age of five die in 2010.
  • Currently in Sierra Leone, there is a cholera epidemic claiming lives.

I’m not trying to be “Debbie Downer” here. There are always going to be horrible happenings in the world (this is a whole other issue I would like to discuss in a later post).  I give you these examples not to instill guilt but in an attempt to give you some perspective.

Want to thank God for your presumed “blessings”? Fantastic- just don’t do it in public. It only comes across as narcissistic self-absorbtion. And please- if a loved one survives a tragedy, sickness, etc………not under ANY circumstances should you thank your God in public. Do you know the message this sends to the thousands of people who have lost loved ones prematurely? It sends the message that your God was looking out for your loved one but not theirs.  Can you try to imagine for a moment what that would feel like?

I think of the endless stories I hear about tragic accidents claiming the lives of countless people or the number of childhood deaths  breaking the hearts of families that love them- and then I see posts on Facebook  of people thanking their “God” for a positive chance meeting that made them feel good inside or hear about people in the news thanking their “God” that they made it out of that Aurora, CO theater alive.

Never mind that there were some who didn’t………

So, please. Think of others not so lucky as you the next time you want to take to a public forum and “thank God”.

That is all.