Last Sunday, about ten members from our group visited the Durango Unitarian Universalist Fellowship for a sunday service on Creationism and Evolution. The talk was given by Dr. John Condie, a biology professor from Ft. Lewis College with a specialty in evolution and genetics.

Dr Condie’s talk was interesting, although twenty minutes just wasn’t enough time for this topic. One of his main  points was covering what “science” is and what it is not.  He then gave a few examples of the testable and predictable nature of science and how creationism, or in its more modern form Intelligent Design, do not stand up to this criteria.

What I found even more interesting about our visit was the warm and welcoming reception we received from the church members. One greeter, after telling her we were from a local atheist/agnostic group, replied “oh, so you’re just like us”. She went on to say that the majority of the member were atheists or agnostics. “We do have one Christian lady and she’s really nice”, she told me.  Several church goers seemed very curious about our group and spoke with some of our members.

All in all, it was a very positive experience! We will be sure to announce any other interesting topics covered in their services, as well as keep you informed of any future collaborations.