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Or not.

I hate to admit it, but I get a little annoyed when I see a Prius with a COEXIST bumper sticker on it.  I appreciate the sentiment behind it, and I do indeed wish that there were more of the types of people in this world who sported this type of bumper sticker (and drove Priuses for that matter).  But the fact that the letters are spelled with symbols of the world’s various major religions implies that everyone should hold on to their religion (no matter how non-sensical) but learn to tolerate the beliefs of others.  Or to realize that all these religions worship the same god.  Or life force.  According to this view, people should (1) Come on, (2) Be brothers, (3) Play the bongos, and (4) Yeah.

This is fine, but wouldn’t you rather members of these various religions just discard their irrational beliefs altogether?  Then they would free themselves of the intellectual bondage that inhibits their minds from finding a greater morality and purpose.  I don’t want for Christian faiths to allow homosexuals to become pastors – I want them to realize that faith is an irrelevant idea to begin with.  There is no room in the modern world for both superstition and reason.

Which is why I found an article in “Get Religion” to be interesting.  Recently, a Lutheran minister was chastised for engaging in a multi-faith worship service in the aftermath of the Newtown shooting.  There has been some level of outcry that this individual was unfairly treated.  The writer of this post defends the Lutheran stance against (somewhat surprisingly) right-wingers like Bill O’Reilly.

Covering opposition to syncretism in a syncretized world

If more religions were honest, then the world would more quickly see their true nature.  Any faith that does not at least to some degree claim exclusivity will crumble intellectually.  And it so happens that it is this exclusivity that is seen as being most repugnant.

So here’s a request to the religions of the world – Keep doing what you do, and the rest of us will sit back and watch while your influence fades into a vast eternal pit of irrelevance, where all of the other bad ideas of history have since gone.

And someone please make a “COEXIST” bumper sticker that doesn’t have the Star of David or crescent moon on it.




But The Bible Tells Me So..

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  1. Mark G

    Lets just all rejoice in the knowledge that we can actually critique the absurdity of the worlds (great?) religions without being burned at the stake. Humans will always want to belong to groups, and those with historic family or cultural significance have a huge advantage. Of course 600 years of murder, rape, torture and abuse will also have a lasting effect on an organizations longevity.
    Aww Sarah palin was fired from fox.

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