Living Deeper Without God

Living Deeper Without God

Thanks to Dugald Owen for delivering this engaging lecture.  And thanks to Larry Bollinger for working so hard to capture it on video.  Here is a link to the video on YouTube.


One thought on “Living Deeper Without God

  1. Great event.
    May there be many more such.

    That said, I think Owen turns his virtue of not claiming to know more than we do into the vice of not applying the knowledge which we do have.

    Our reasons for disbeliving in the existence of an immaterial personality is informed by our understanding that personality requires intelligence which requires memory, which requires , so far as our as yet impertect knowledge goes to date, a material embodiment. Unlike belief in spirit beings, skepticism of same is not an opinion we pull out of a hat (to be polite about it) unfounded in any observation or objective fact.

    I also thought that for a philsophy professor, he was remarkably “weak tea” responding to the question posed by that fellow who wanted to claim that the existence of the unverse as a whole must imply the pre existence of a (personal) detiy. Perhaps it was the politeness of a black belt declining to summarily demolish some poor white belt. I sure hope that was a deliberate pulling of his punch.

    Small knits aside, let me repeat that I think it was a good lecture all around and doubly good that it took place “right here in River City”


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