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So somehow Sarah Palin thinks that a television network putting a show on hiatus is an abridgment of 1st Amendment rights.  Because everyone has a right to their own TV show.  Especially if they are spewing antiquated bigoted ideas.  It’s not about A&E apparently.  It’s about the Bill of Rights.

But one has to ask why A&E would make such a drastic move with a show that is one of the highest rated on television.  At the end of the day, this is a business after all.  Just because it’s unintelligent doesn’t mean that it doesn’t attract viewers.  And it’s not like Phil Robertson doesn’t have the right to his most ungraceful mutterings.

It’s because television networks, like all of us, have a choice to make.  They can choose the old ways of thinking that are rooted in ideas that are old, tired, and on the wrong side of history.  Or they can choose progress and modernity.

If you want to choose the Duck Dynasty world-view, here is what you are choosing:

  • Whatever the common values were 50 years ago, let’s stick with that (be those values enslavement, burning witches, or bigotry)
  • Whatever them city-folks is doing, let’s not do that (especially if it’s things like science)
  • Let’s talk to Yahweh and pretend he talks back to us
  • Let’s make sure them women don’t start getting all spoiled and authoritaritative on us
  • We ain’t judging queers, we’re just saying they’re ruining this country

Alternatively, you can choose a set of ideals that are in line with a modern view of the world:

  • Only values that are based on logic and empathy have any kind of authority
  • Civilization has led to the advancement of our knowledge and the betterment of our condition
  • Them queers is actually pretty good people (well, in about the same percentage as non-queers)
  • This life is amazing and wondrous…let’s not waste it looking forward to the next one (that won’t be there)
  • Human life on this planet, contrary to so many popular notions, is improving in almost every way in almost every part of the world

If you choose the more progressive side of the equation you get things like TED Talks, Seattle, Carl Sagan, and Trader Joe’s.  On the other side you Larry the Cable Guy, trucks with big tailpipes, Alabama, and camouflage.

On our side you get to look to the future, understand the problems facing the world, and do what you can to make the world a brighter place.  In the future.  On the other side, you get to lament that black kids and white kids are going to school together and that things ain’t as good as they used to be.

In the past.

I agree, A&E.  Let’s do some book-learnin’ and go with the one about the future.


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  1. Chris Cavner

    I have two thoughts on the Duck Dynasty situation.
    1) Surely A&E understood the personalities they were dealing with and the risks they were taking when they decided to place Duck Dynasty on their network. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for conflicts to arise! A&E took the risk and bears lots of responsibility for the current problems they are having.
    2) However, the underlying cause of this conflict & the reason behind the statements the Robertsons made is much greater. The Robertsons, like so many others in the world, have chosen to rely on the bible (or at least “some” selected portions of it) as LITERAL TRUTH to be applied today. Problem is the “most recent” portions of the bible were completed by 100 A.D.- almost 2,000 years ago. And the Old Testament goes back by a few more millenia.
    Would any of us trust a doctor who relied on a 2,000+ year old medical book, or an attorney, or a scientist, or your child’s teachers if they only used books written from 2500 B.C. to 100 A.D. — with NO more recent updates? It seems foolish to even think of that happening and yet it happens all over the world, every day when people choose to “take the bible literally.” You can find inspiration in the bible, but you can’t read it as containing the complete literal truth that should determine how our modern world must operate. e.g. Epilepsy is an illness to be treated with proper modern medications. We now know it is NOT a demonic possession as it was described in ancient scripture. THINGS have changed over the millenia, we have learned so much, our civilization has advanced by leaps and bounds and trying to force society to live by rules written 2.000-4,000 years ago makes no sense.

  2. Adam H

    I agree with A&E, however, it its interesting that Phil Robertson is being fired because of things he said on a different show. Although Duck Dynasty is a reality show and he could spout his hateful musings on his own show, he chooses to make these statements elsewhere. Hmmmm….

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