As most of our members know, we are losing our faithless leader, Clayton, as well as our good friend, Jana. This is a HUGE bummer for everyone who knows Clayton and Jana. Despite our sadness, we are very excited for them as they embark on a new and exciting chapter.
Clayton was our founding member who began the group back in 2011. I remember the first meeting I attended. Is was downstairs at Lady Falconburgh’s and there were, maybe, six people there. We all fit at one table! Our group member count is now at 150 people and growing……

None of this would have been possible without Clayton. We are so grateful to him for starting this group and I look forward to watching as the group continues to grow and develop in the coming years.

That’s where you members come in.

How would you like to see our group develop? What, if any changes, would you like to see? I’m asking for input from everyone. Let me know what you think by commenting below or sending me an email. This is the time to see what we can do as a group presence in the Four Corners Region.

Most importantly, I want to thank Clayton for everything he’s done for Durango Skeptics and Atheists.  Clayton, you have created an outlet for so many people. For that, we will be eternally grateful. Thank you! Thank you!

(We will be having a “sending off” party for Clayton and Jana as soon as we iron out the details. I will keep everyone posted on that.)