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Reason # 1,432 the Religiously “Non-affiliated” are Increasing in Numbers

I wanted to share a blog post from a Christian Pastor I inadvertently stumbled upon. It’s titled, “10 Ways to Help Your Unbelieving Husband Open Up To Spiritual Matters”.

Here’s what #10 says on his list:

“Pray that he experiences pain. Sometimes the only thing that can break through a self-sufficient heart is pain. Pray that God breaks your husband. I know that sounds harsh, but you and I both know what is at stake. Whenever I meet with a guy and he’s arrogantly rejecting the gospel, I immediately start praying for him to suffer. The next time we meet, maybe a year later, it’s amazing how much life has humbled him and how receptive he is to the gospel.”








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  1. Mark G

    And if that doesn’t work you can always just go and kidnap all the girls that are trying to get an education and force them into slavery to your religion. It will be nice when all this superstition is no longer, I only hope something worse doesn’t replace it.

  2. Adrian

    Never ceases to amaze me the lengths people will go to “win”. This pastor is putting forth a battleground in this woman’s marriage. Maybe if both parties could just sit down and actually talk about their views they could understand a bit more about themselves and hate each other less…

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