You are a critical thinker…your synapses are firing and your thoughts are constantly bubbling up. Within you, dear member, are stories that only you can tell. Well, here’s your chance!

Now you, too, can join the few, the proud – The DS&A Bloggers! Yes, the prestige, the prominence and exalted status of being an Atheist Blogger can be yours at no cost, save for an hour or two of your time bathed in the comforting, healthy glow of your computer screen! Imagine how proud your extended family will be when you tell them that you are an Atheist Person of Influence!

  • Do you think global climate change is a liberal hoax? Or is it an existential threat?
  • Did you enjoy an awesome vacation, or can you recommend a beautiful sight-seeing drive?
  • Do you have a favorite restaurant? Or recipe? Or kitchen gadget?
  • Do you think the free press really IS ‘the enemy of the people’?
  • How would you defend your love of baby-back ribs to a passionate Vegan?
  • What was it like to march in the Durango Pride Parade?
  • Do you have a pet-peeve, a life-hack, or an anecdote about raising your three-year-old?
  • What is it like to run for public office in LaPlata County?
  • What’s up with the Humane Society and what was it like there during the recent fires?
  • Do you have an idea for a DS&A float for next year’s Snowdown Parade?
  • Maybe you’ve had an interesting career. Or are looking for a new one. Or have started on your third. Do tell.
  • Do you think Alex Jones is a menace to society or the victim of a vast, left-wing conspiracy?
  • What’s up with the Durango dating scene?
  • Tell us the secret of your green thumb (we won’t tell).
  • What led you to become an ‘out’ Atheist? How has this affected your life?
  • Review a book you’ve enjoyed. Comment on a movie or entertainment trend
  • Tell the world how you can be both Atheist and a Moral Person
  • Do you want to try street epistemology?

Let it – anything and everything – all out on our blog*!

Whether you are:

  • leaning left or leaning right, politically,
  • grandparents or are currently trying to raise your family or are an independent single,
  • hard at work or basking in retirement,
  • a scientist, a full-time mom/dad, a researcher, a teacher, in the medical field, an artist, an entrepreneur, lawyer, doctor, butcher, baker, candlestick maker…

…whether you consider yourself a ‘writer’ or not, why not share some of your Life experience, opinions and observations with the rest of the group? Our “Member’s Blog” is the perfect place to share knowledge and exchange thoughts and ideas with other open minded people who, like you, are eager to learn new things great and small.

If members will share some of their personal insights and experiences, our website will become a great place to learn about each other, helping to create bonds between members and strengthening DS&A. It will also display the wide diversity of our membership to visitors and invite them to join up and take part in the on-going conversation. At least, that’s the hope. But it will only work if you participate! Literally anything that’s important to you is important to the rest of us!

Send your contribution, of any length and on any topic*, to:

Your essay will be posted exactly as submitted barring any of the usual no-noes of civilized discourse.

Of course, please feel free to comment on existing blog posts too! Thank you, in advance, for sharing with the rest of us and for helping us grow Durango Skeptics and Atheists!


*To clarify an apparent confusion: Atheists are humans and any human activity is an ‘atheist’ activity…any topic is an ‘atheist’ topic